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Milwaukee film historian Dale Kuntz presents selections from his rare collection of classic films from the 30s and 40's.  Films are shown on 16mm, reel-to-reel film. Most of these cinematic treasures are not available on DVD so don't miss this opportunity to see these films in their original glory on the big screen.  Prior to each screening, Dale fascinates the audience with his knowledge of film history, giving the inside scoop on each film, including bizarre details about the stars and clues to help the audience spot little oddities that ended up in the film instead of on the cutting room floor.

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Spring 2017

Classical & Semi-Classical Music

Through the years, movies have contributed a great deal to America’s appreciation of Classical and Semi-Classical music! Many people who did not understand or were afraid of classical music would never listen to a classical music radio station. But films were different! Going to a film to see a popular star – they were introduced to a piece of unfamiliar music when the star would sing. Popular stars like Jeanette MacDonald, Deanna Durbin, Mario Lanza and Nelson Eddy would sing a famous song from an opera or operetta – and the audience was thrilled by it. And, a new audience was found for classical music. Stars would make recordings of these songs, and they sold by the thousands. Not only were movies selling classical music, but record sales were soaring! People waited in line to get a recording of Jose Iturbi’s Chopin’s Polonaise from A Song to Remember. Allan Jones’ recording of The Donkey Serenade, became the first classical record to sell a million copies. So… come not only to see some classic films – BUT hear some great classical music!

The Great Waltz
Wednesday, April 12th
1938 / 102 mins
Luise Rainer, Miliza Korjus, and Fernand Gravet as Johann Strauss II

The Great Victor Herbert
Wednesday, April 19th
1939/ 91 mins
Allan Jones, Mary Martin, and Walter Connolly as Victor Herbert

Spring Parade
Wednesday, May 3rd
1940 / 89 mins
Deanna Durbin, Robert Cummings, S.Z. Sakall (“Cuddles”), Mischa Auer

Northwest Outpost
Wednesday, May 10th
1947 / 91 mins
Nelson Eddy, Ilona Massey, Elsa Lanchester, Joseph Schildkraut

*RESCHEDULED* Musical Clips from Dale Kuntz's Personal Collection
Wednesday, May 17th
varied / 90 mins
Mario Lanza, Vienna Choir Boys, Jose Iturbi, Allan Jones, Kathryn Grayson and others

The Tales of Hoffmann
Wednesday, May 31st
1951 / 127 mins
Moria Shearer, Robert Helpmann, Leonide Massine, Ann Ayars and Robert Rounseville as Hoffmann







spring parade

from Spring Parade