Carlos Heromsilla Álvarez & Colin Matthes:
Echoing Concerns


March 16 - June 25, 2017

Carlos Hermosilla Álvarez and Colin Matthes: Echoing Concerns features the work of two artists working in distant eras, but toward similar goals of drawing attention to societal injustices they witness every day.

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with artist Colin Matthes
Thursday, June 22, 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.

Total Essential Knowledge:
A Collaborative Graphic Communication Archive

No one is an expert in everything and everyone is an expert in something. One part workshop, one part conversation, as we share stories and learn from each other we will make drawings that archive our essential knowledge. $25 General, $20 Members/Students/Artists/Seniors

Artist’s Talk with Colin Matthes
Saturday, May 6, 2:00 to 3:00 p.m.

Carlos Hermosilla Álvarez: Repairing the World Through Art and Poetry
Thursday, April 27, 5:30 p.m.

Liliana Hermosilla Rosenthal and Joel Rosenthal will host a presentation focused on Carlos Hermosilla Álvarez, 'the father of Chilean realist printmaking,' his life, art, poetry and his contributions to the culture of Chile and abroad.


Hermosilla was an active artist and humanitarian who overcame enormous personal and physical obstacles to become known as “the father of Chilean realist printmaking.” He established the Printing and Drawing Department at the School of Fine Arts in Vina del Mar, Chile, where he was a Professor of Art for approximately 35 years until his resignation following the military coup in 1973. Together with his wife Marina Pinto, herself a sculptor and printmaker,Hermosilla continued to work as an artist and a writer, often writing poetry to accompany his drawings, woodcuts, etchings, and paintings.

Carlos Hermosilla Álvarez was an effective agent of change in the Chilean art community where he sought to shift the focus of Chilean art from subjects that appealed to elite tastes to a concern for working class people and populations considered to be “outsiders.” His subjects include fishermen, construction workers, mothers, miners, and also the Mapuche Indians, a population of native Chilean people who managed to elude the Spanish conquistadors in the 1500’s. The Mapuche remain distanced from Chilean society, and their culture and ancestral lands are still in peril in the twenty-first century.

Like Hermosilla, Colin Matthes, a Milwaukee-based artist, makes interdisciplinary work that addresses economic and environmental crisis. He uses bold drawn, painted, and printed imagery that mirrors his environment while also inciting awareness of current socio-political causes. Though his content is often serious, Matthes considers himself an “engineer of the absurd” who investigates today’s issues from a humorous, critical, and perversely industrious point of view.

About his upbringing, Colin Matthes says:

“I grew up in an old farmhouse a mile away from a village with three bars, a post office, and the world’s greatest junk parade. Installing temporary electrical wiring at small town county fairs and trailer parks, punk and zines formed the way I make things and view the world. Lately I’ve been bringing my infant daughter too close to bears, making graphics for activist campaigns, working a slew of jobs, and visualizing my own versions of ‘essential knowledge’.”

Matthes examines printmaking as a democratized art form that was once preferred as a means of easily and economically duplicating and disseminating images to the public. Though his work references these goals of traditional printmaking, he deftly combines media to address a contemporary tendency toward pastiche and bricolage; a layering of imagery that is a realistic representation of the ways we digest content today.

Together, Matthes and Hermosilla open a fresh dialogue with traditional printmaking as a longstanding method of distributing ideas historically rooted in political movements. Though the two are distanced by nearly sixty years, the similarities in their depictions of humanity and the ways we live, suffer, and achieve give us pause to wonder if we’ve come as far as we would like to think.

We thank Milwaukeean Liliana Hermosilla Rosenthal and her family for loaning her uncle Carlos’ work to this exhibition.



Yoga at the Allis!

Every other Monday

Starting May 1st, 2017 | 6:30 - 7:30 P.M.

May 1st - Emily Schubot

May 15th - Alyssa Konda

June 5th - Emily Schubot

June 19th - Alyssa Konda

July 10th - Jo Gassner

July 24th - Lauren Marie


August 7th - Emily Schubot

August 21st - Alyssa Konda

September 11th - Jo Gassner

September 25th - Lauren Marie


all wrong

May 5, 2017 | 7:30 P.M.

An original production devised by Posy Knight, Kirk Thomsen, and Joelle Worm
Being wrong, making mistakes, failing over and over: this is the definition of being alive. Why are we embarrassed and fearful of the inevitability of our own infallibility? We might see instead that mankind’s biggest errors have lead to his biggest discoveries. A series of vignettes in Treteau form, performers reveal the infinite possibility of the unknown, carrying the audience anywhere through rapidly changing environments and stories in extremely confined space and time using their bodies and movement.

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plein air


Plein Air MKE 2017

May 11-21, 2017

Join us as over 100 acclaimed artists paint and compete for over $6,000 in prizes along the Milwaukee Museum Mile in Milwaukee’s historic East Side. Our inaugural event last year brought thousands of people to the Mile in May, showcasing some of the best painters from around the Midwest and exposing new audiences to our museums and to all the East Side has to offer.

Hundreds of people are expected to attend the Art in the City Soirée for the artwork judging, artist awards and art sale at the Museum of Wisconsin Art at Saint John’s On The Lake. Proceeds will benefit the MMM museums.




7th Annual Milwaukee Museum Mile Day

May 14, 2017

All five locations offer free/reduced admission, free guided tours, light refreshments, and kids activities.

What is the Milwaukee Museum Mile?

The Milwaukee Museum Mile is a joint effort of five museums to create a simple and more affordable way for visitors to access and enjoy multiple museum experiences, while promoting Milwaukee’s East Side as a destination to both residents of and visitors to our city. The museums are located within a comfortable walking distance of each other—along N. Prospect, N. Wahl and N. Terrace Avenues—and offer visitors the opportunity to discover Milwaukee’s hidden museum jewels and experience the history, architecture, culture and art that have come to define our city.

Free Shuttle and Parking

A free, continuous shuttle bus will travel between locations, 11am-4pm. Visitors can park at museum locations where parking is available or utilize street parking. Walking and bicycling to the event are also encouraged.



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